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Attorney in Moldova

Attorney Victor Levintsa is dedicated to providing the cost effective service and the most timely legal advice on the basis of extensive practice and legal experience, professionalism and highly personal approach to the clients’ needs.

For the past 27 years attorneys of the firm have been continuously involved in most of the largest and the most complex transactions in Moldova. As a result, the law firm generates creative solutions to various issues and concerns arising in the course of conducting business in Moldova.

Lawyers in Moldova

Lawyers of the firm offer comprehensive legal services to a diverse client, whether domestic or foreign, individuals or legal persons, including commercial and non-profit organizations as well as supranational organizations. Attorneys of Levintsa Law firm know their jobs and take pride in what they are doing in Moldova.

The firm does not belong to any international alliances of law firms, however, it maintains contacts with various international and transnational law firms with worldwide offices and works with them on specific cross-border transactions or long term projects of their clients.

Levintsa Law Office is committed to make up a team of lawyers who possess the broad range of skills and experience necessary to adequately respond to most complex requests of its clients and to participate in any projects as professional legal advisors in Moldova. The firm has necessary contacts and capabilities to research legal framework and provide legal assistance and advice on issues regarding Transdniestrian legislation.

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